Advocacy, Strategic Communications and Public-Private-Nonprofit Partnerships

More than just words. Three tenets guide our work and fuel our efforts to help our clients achieve their desired goals.

INTEGRITY— We adhere to the highest moral and ethical principles in all that we do.  We believe in the importance of sound moral character.

WISDOM— We make decisions based on sage discernment, and we value insight based on our own experiences and that which we have learned from others.  We strive to make prudent decisions based on what is true, what is right.

SERVICE TO OTHERS— We operate with a commitment and passion to provide excellent service to our clients and the communities in which we operate.  We are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others and addressing public needs.

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John Mendez  @johnmendez0007
You'll be missed in #sandiego. Thank you for covering the #miraclecoast. Tony Perry 
John Mendez  @johnmendez0007
So sorry about layoffs/buyouts at @latimes. Good bye Tony Perry, t/u for covering #sandiego for 28 years. #LATimes 
John Mendez  @johnmendez0007
Everyone please hold Tuesday, December 17th for a possinble annual holiday get together. More information forthcoming.